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GetSimple is a Content Management System that uses XML rather than an SQL database, together with a best-in-class user interface. With the help of GetSimple, you can easily manage any small to medium sized website.

Here at you will find some plugins, components, tips and tricks to extend and improve the CMS.

If you are looking for the official GetSimple project website you can find it at

Please Note: All plugins and scripts downloadable from are free and distributed "as is" in the hope that they will be useful, without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement. All are compatible with PHP 8.1x.

Extending GetSimple

The core system of GetSimple can be extended with the use of plugins, components and other additions provided by third party developers. Every theme contains a functions file allowing for modifications at the template level.


Plugins add extra features to the CMS under the control of the GetSimple core. More information on the range of plugins available for GetSimple visit the Extend repository at

admin123 Plugin

admin123 provides a way to give customised links to reach areas of a site that are outside the control of the CMS. The admin123 plugin is configured using a text editor such as to notepad++ prior to being uploaded and installed.

admin123 Plugin readme file   admin123-plugin-readme.html
Download - Version 1rc3   admin123 Plugin

child_list Plugin

The child_list Plugin displays an unordered list of either, page and child page titles on top level pages, or parent and sibling page titles on child pages, as a cached menu. Child_list is a modified version of the child menu plugin which uses an unordered list instead of paragraphs to build a menu structure. This plugin only supports the basic URL type and the simplest fancy URL possible.

Basic URL Example: http://sitename/index.php?id=page-slug
Fancy URL Example: http://sitename/page-slug/

child_list Plugin readme file   child-list-plugin-readme.html
Download - Version 1.8k   child_list Plugin

bc_menu - Breadcrumbs Plugin

The bc_menu Plugin displays breadcrumb navigation for your pages. The breadcrumbs plugin produces a single unformated line of breadcrumb page links and is easy to include in a template. The full page titles are shown in the links not the shorter menu titles.

Breadcrumbs plugin readme file  bc-menu-plugin-readme.html
Download - Version 1rc3   bc_menu Plugin

jquery_n_lightbox Plugin

Loads jQuery, jQuery migrate and your preferred lightboxing script so that a lightbox can be used sitewide for image display.

Information...   jquery-n-lightbox-plugin-readme.html
Download - Version 1rc2   jquery_n_lightbox Plugin

visit_count - Visitor Counter Plugin

visit_count displays the number of visits a site has had, as plain text that can be easily styled.

visit_count plugin readme file  visit-count-plugin-readme.html
Download - Version 1rc3   visit_count Plugin

"Utility" Components

If a feature is not available as a plugin the chances are that it can be included via a component. Components are snippets of code which can be either loaded by the template or processed within the page content. Want to include some external content via an IFRAME? What about having a form of some kind? Using a component you can do that and more.

NOTE: To have a component included in a page's content the Dynpage plugin must be installed.


Show Hidden Divisions is a small javascript that can be used to produce an 'accordion' effect to display content.

Show Hidden Divisions Accordion component information... show-hidden-divisions-accordion.html

contactme - A Simple Contact Form

GetSimple does not come with a contact form so one must be added. There are a number of plugins that can do this, but I prefer the following script as it is DMAC compliant. The script makes use the PHP mail() function which works well until there are times of heavy traffic when things can get clogged with messages being dropped. The best and most reliable method involves using a form with both client-side and server-side validation together with a script like PHPMailer which sends the content of the form via SMTP to an email account setup on your domain.

Information...  contactme-script.html
Download - Version 1.0rc1

Embed Content In Iframe

Integrate interactive webpages into GetSimple. Grab any externally located webpage and add it to a GetSimple generated page wrapped in a iframe... To do this you add the function wrap() to your template functions file and make a component to embed the results in a page.

IFRAME wrap() function.  wrap-function.html

Download Area

Any files of a predefined type placed in a nominated folder are made available for download. The file list is generated by a small script placed in the root of your web site.

Information...  list-my-files-script.html
Download - Version 1.0rc3

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