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GetSimple... All you need in a CMS and nothing you don't !
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GetSimple is an XML based, stand-alone, fully independent, small, efficient and secure Content Management System with all the features a website needs, but with none that it doesn't.

XML Based
GetSimple doesn't use SQL to store information, but instead depends the simplicity of XML. By utilizing XML, the CMS is able stay away from introducing an extra layer of slowness and complexity associated with connecting to a SQL database.

You can "Undo" Almost Everything
Warning messages never work as planned so with GetSimple you can "undo" almost every action you can take.

Easy to Learn User-Interface (UI)
After testing many content management systems before designing GetSimple, the design team took the best ideas out of each one to incorporate into GetSimple.

Simple Installation and Backup
As there is no SQL database to consider, installation and site backup are much easier.

Simple Theme Customization
It is quite easy to take a website design and build a template for GetSimple from it. The goal of GetSimple was not to bloat the software with hundreds of little-used theme functions, but to offer more than enough to allow for a fully customized theme.

Designed For the Small-Site Market
100-plus pages as opposed to 1000-plus pages.

What does this mean for a website?
Pages load quickly. There is no SQL server to slow them down.
Being an efficient "no bloat" system a visitor generally downloads less data to view page. This means mobile users save on data charges and page load times are minimised.
Low cost web servers can be used for site hosting as no fast connection to a SQL server is necessary.

What about security?
An example... As many websites use Wordpress the Wordpress system becomes a worthwhile target for hackers. Being such a complex system there are many more places that an attacker can look for an entry point.

What are the drawbacks of GetSimple?
Using Wordpress as an example again... Being a popular CMS, used by so many people means that there are a lot more themes/templates et cetera available for it but to modify them if you need to, can be a complex job.

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