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miniCart - Shopping Cart Script

miniCart an easy to implement javascript based, shopping cart with PayPal as the payment processor, ideal for powering your own small online shop.

Download... miniCart(js)

You can see a demontration of an online print shop utilising miniCart. The print shop in this example is set up to sell A2, A3 and A4 sized prints that are presented on a range of paper types.

View the... Print Shop DEMO

miniCart Payment Security

miniCart is intended for a small, low traffic, online shop, where orders will be individually inspected. The problem is, someone with a knowledge of JavaScript, may be able to inject some malicious code into the script to change the product price, before that data gets to the payment processing provider. This limitation is common to all client-side only, javascript based, shopping carts, as no amount of clever coding or obfuscating can completely secure javascript from being altered.