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No plugin? Too complex for a component? Adding scripts, external programs and so on to further extend GetSimple...

Secure Contact Form

The secure contact form  has very tight security along with many other features. It detects all common spammer attack methods and uses server side form validation with an optional image captcha function to help prevent your contact form from being hijackedy. Current DMARC practises are also supported.

More information...   Secure Contact Form

External File Manager

For situations when you want more control than the CMS alone can give, an external file manager is a must have...

Web based   File Manager

A Simple Gallery Script

Have you got a lot of images to display but the i18n Gallery Plugin appears to be too much work? Something like the Single File PHP Gallery maybe just what you are looking for.

See...   A Simple Stand Alone Gallery Script

Shopping Cart Script

Need a simple shopping cart to sell a few items with PayPal as the payment processor... Try miniCart(js) an easy to implement javascript based, shopping cart.

miniCart(js)   Shopping Cart Script

Shopping Cart Demonstration

View a demontration of a print shop utilising miniCart(js). The print shop is set up to sell A2, A3 and A4 sized prints presented on a range of paper types.

miniCart(js)   Print Shop DEMO

Web Site Statistcs - BBClone

BBClone can be likened to a 'web counter on steroids' and can be easily integrated into GetSimple to gather site statistics. The activation code for BBClone is placed in the template's functions.php file.

BBClone Website: