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Getsimple Plugins

In computing, a plugin or plug-in, is a set of software components that add specific abilities to a larger software application. Plugins enable the customising of the functions of an application.

In this case plugins add extra features to the CMS under the control of the GetSimple core.

More information on the range of plugins available for GetSimple visit the Extend repository at

Please Note: All plugins downloadable from are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

admin123 Plugin

admin123 provides a way to give customised links to reach areas of a site that are outside the control of the CMS.

The admin123 plugin is configured using a text editor such as to notepad++ prior to being uploaded and installed.

Download - Version 1rc3   admin123 Plugin
admin123 Plugin readme file   admin123-plugin-readme.html

i18n Plugin

The i18n plugin adds multilanguage support and hierarchical menus to your website. The admin page for editing has been enhanced, making it easy to select the parent page and the position of the page within the site structure.

If you have a multi-level site, this is the plugin to use for your menus, whether you need it's multi-language support or not. In fact on sites where only one language is used the multi-language features can be turned off by adding a parameter to the gsconfig.php file.

Information and download from the GetSimple Extend repository...   i18n Plugin

child_list Plugin

The child_list Plugin displays an unordered list of either, page and child page titles on top level pages, or parent and sibling page titles on child pages, as a cached menu. This is a modified version of the child menu plugin which uses an unordered list instead of paragraphs to build a menu structure.

Note: This plugin only supports the basic URL type and the simplest fancy URL possible.

Basic URL Example: http://sitename/index.php?id=page-slug
Fancy URL Example: http://sitename/page-slug/

Download - Version 1.8k   child_list Plugin
child_list Plugin readme file   child-list-plugin-readme.html

bc_menu - Breadcrumbs Plugin

The bc_menu Plugin displays breadcrumb navigation for your pages. The breadcrumbs plugin produces a single unformated line of breadcrumb page links and is easy to include in a template. The full page titles are shown in the links not the shorter menu titles.

Download - Version 1rc3   bc_menu Plugin
Breadcrumbs plugin readme file  bc-menu-plugin-readme.html

DynPages Plugin

Enables you to place dynamic content from a component into a page. The steaming of media is enabled via a component, as an example.

Information and download from the GetSimple Extend repository...   Dynpages Plugin

Imagizer Plugin

So you want to upload photos directly from your camera...  Each off camera photograph will probably have a resolution in excess of 4000px. x 4000px., leading to file sizes of greater than 3MB. If you load many of these images into your web pages, your page access times will become very, very, slow. The Imagizer plugin, processes each uploaded photo by resizing, cropping or compressing it to a predetermined size. Imagizer is a fully automatic after-upload image handler.

Information and download from the GetSimple Extend repository...   Imagizer Plugin
See tutorial   Using the Imagizer Plugin

jquery_n_lightbox Plugin

Loads jQuery, jQuery migrate and your preferred lightboxing script so that a lightbox can be used sitewide for image display.

Download - Version 1rc2   jquery_n_lightbox Plugin
Info...   jquery-n-lightbox-plugin-readme.html

Photo Gallery Plugin - i18n-gallery

The i18n-gallery plugin is a very comprehensive gallery plugin capable of producing multiple galleries.

Gallery demonstration   i18n Gallery Example
Information and download from the GetSimple Extend repository...   i18n Gallery Plugin
See tutorial  Using the i18n Gallery Plugin

Too complex for you? Then try autoGallery one of the smallest and simplest gallery scripts around.

Want your gallery created automatically but you have a lot of images requiring main galleries and sub-galleries then this standalone gallery script may suit you.

Simple Directory List

Intended to produce a list of files contained in a predefined folder and its sub-folders for viewing or downloading.

Unfortunately to display the contents of sub-directories properly 'fancy URLs' must be enabled in your GetSimple installation otherwise the plugin will only work within a single folder of files.

Directory List (single folder) demonstration   Simple Dir
Information and download from the GetSimple Extend repository...   SimpleDir Plugin

If you just want a basic script that lists files for download, a solution could be the following...   Download Area

Site Map Plugin

The Site Map Plugin does just that - it produces a page map of your website.

Site Map demonstration   View our Site Map
Information and download from the GetSimple Extend repository...   Site Map Plugin

Site Search Plugin

Site Search demonstration   Site Search
Information and download from the GetSimple Extend repository...   i18n Site Search Plugin

Protected Content Plugin

Protected content demonstration   Member's Only Area
Information and download from the GetSimple Extend repository...   Protected Content Plugin

visit_count - Visitor Counter Plugin

visit_count displays the number of visits a site has had, as plain text that can be easily styled.

Download - Version 1rc3   visit_count Plugin
visit_count plugin readme file  visit-count-plugin-readme.html