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Theme FAQs

Setting up and installing themes available from

Installation Procedure

  • Download the theme archive and extract it.
  • Download any extensions needed by the theme such as plugins, components and scripts.
  • Configure the theme.
  • Configure the extensions.
  • Upload the theme to the theme folder of GetSimple.
  • If needed CHMOD to 666 the style.css, and template.php.
  • Upload the extensions to their correct directories.
  • You may need to CHMOD some extension files to 666.

Configuring the Theme

Inside the theme folder you will find a file called This file holds the configuration data for the theme. You can change the language of any heading to suit your site together with any predefined template links.

You can edit these settings before you upload the theme using a text editor such as notepad++ or they can be edited online from admin >> theme >> edit theme

Required Extensions

The following plugins are enabled by default in the template.

  • child_list Plugin to display sub-page navigation.
  • bc_menu Plugin to give a breadcrumb navigation menu.
  • jquery_n_lightbox Plugin to include jQuery and image lightboxing,
  • visit_count Plugin to count your site visitors.