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Building a Simple Gallery

Is there a simple way  to build a gallery?  Introducing ihe Single File PHP Gallery...

The Single File PHP Gallery (SFPG) produces an independent, stand-alone web gallery and is contained within a single PHP file. Define in the script a folder to contain your images, upload your images to that folder and your gallery is made. Any sub directories of this main folder will become sub galleries. Gallery and image titling together with thumbnails for the images and galleries are generated for you automatically. Image names become image titles and folder names become gallery titles.

Note: The Single File PHP Gallery is free for non-commercial use only.

For more information on and downloads for the Single File PHP Gallery go to...
For a demonstration of Single File PHP Gallery see...  SFPG Example Gallery

For an brief list of it's features together with some notes on using SFPG see...  sfpg-457-usage-notes-readme.html

Although the dispay of the gallery images is indepenent of GetSimple, the CMS can provide the backend support - the ability to upload images and administer the gallery.

When you use the GetSimple file manager to create a folder or upload a gallery image, all names will end up having lower case letters, any spaces will be repaced by dashes and any punctuation removed.

This has two implications when used in conjunction with SFPG.

1... When producing image and gallery titles SFPG analyses the image and folder names looking for an UNDERSCORE character. The UNDERSCORE character is often used in place of a space in file and folder names. When it finds one it replaces it with a proper space giving better looking titles for images and galleries. The GetSimple filemanager replaces any space it finds in a file or folder name to a DASH. Ooops... One way a around this is to batch rename all your files before you upload them, replacing any spaces with an UNDERSCORE or you can modify the SFPG script to also treat a DASH as a space.

Batch file renaming utility (Windows)...  Rename Master
Not a particularly elegant solution but it works...  sfpg-457-mod-dash-as-space.html

2... All gallery and image titles will be in lowercase letters as all uploaded file names and folder names are in lowercase. If capitalisation of image and gallery titles is important to you then file and folder management can be done via FTP or an external fle manager. Another way is to modify the CSS of the script to capitalise the titles for you and this is the option used in the gallery demonstration.

The version of SFPG used for the demonstration gallery has been slightly modified and some of it's CSS has been changed. These modifications and changes are documented below.

Changes to CSS...  sfpg-457-css-class-mods.html
Modifications to the script...  sfpg-457-mods.html

NB: Part of SFPG's end-user license agreement states that... "Under no circumstances can Single File PHP Gallery or any part of it be distributed or sold." Unfortunately this means I am unable to supply you with a copy of the modified gallery file. So... Please do not ask!

The SFPG script together with the help of the following tutorials will enable you to build a responsive web gallery, simply and effectively, taking up very little time or effort.