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Uploading Files and Images

Note: When you create a folder or upload your gallery images via the GetSimple file manager, all names will have lower case letters, any spaces will be repaced by dashes and any punctuation removed.

Select or create a folder to hold your uploaded files. To create a folder select the 'create folder' link and follow the dialogue from there.
Navigate to the folder you have chosen for your files and select 'Upload files and/or images...' on the RHS menu.

A window will open a allowing you to choose the files on your computer to upload. You can upload files singly or in multiples.

Note: The multiple file uploader requires Adobe's Flash to be installed on your computer.


Now to choose the files you want to upload.

You can select multiple files by pressing the Ctrl key on your keyboard and keeping it depressed, while selecting the files you want by single clicking on them one at at time with your mouse, adding them to the selection list as you go. When you have selected all the files you want, release the Ctrl key.

In the screenshot you can see multiple files selected, ready for upload to the folder...

When you have selected your the files press the save button and the files will be uploaded to the folder you have chosen for them.


In this screenshot you can see the uploading of multiple image files into the folder.. . gallery/along-the-darling-1886